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About Me

I am the former COO of Mindvalley, the fastest growing personal growth brand in the world. I helped them more than double in less than 4 years, laying the foundation for exponential growth.

I work with creative visionaries and leaders of humanity-positive businesses to accelerate their impact on the world. 

Work With Me

Foundations of Scaling Businesses

Elevated Leadership

  • Cohesive & aligned leadership team
  • More time ON the business vs. IN the business 
  • Free up and optimize your time and energy as CEO
  • Vertical development for your leadership team

Powerful Vision & Goals

  • Transform your vision into goals that matter
  • Aligned goals at the organizational, team, and individual level
  • Clear strategy: get everyone rowing in the same direction
  • Framework & facilitation for quarterly strategy renewals

Rockstar Team

  • Culture fitness
  • Clear organizational structure & role clarity
  • Role scorecards & accountability
  • Talent development
  • Simple and effective performance management

Data-Driven Machine

  • Measure what matters
  • Cultivate 3 high-frequency streams of data: metrics, customer input, team input
  • Establish a C-level dashboard

Clear Communication

  • Simplified and uncluttered meetings, organization-wide
  • Optimized cadence of internal communications
  • Encourage healthy debate
  • Delegate successfully
  • Executive-friendly reporting & escalation

Straight-Line Execution

  • Key processes identified and have ownership
  • Codify what works: implement standard operating procedures (SOPs) that work
  • Dial in the duality of consistency and innovation 


“Eric is an exceptional business coach, and an even better human. He has helped me organize my digital life with many of his productivity systems and develop new tools for finding my genius zone as a leader. I've referred him to many friends and I will continue to because he's someone to learn from and take notes.”

“Eric is a brilliant-minded individual with a savvy keenness for business, structure, strategy, and growth. Working with Eric has been an excellent experience. He is top-notch at what he does and helps put business practices and work strategies into place that promote both expansion and success. Truly a master in his field.”

“Extremely knowledgable when it comes to operations, company growth and scale. Took away insights that will be incredibly powerful for my own professional growth and the future growth of our company. Cannot recommend enough!”

Free Resources

Getting Started with Operating Procedures (SOPs)

As I’ve encountered other leaders and business owners over the years who have asked for my advice on how to standardize their company’s or team’s processes, or how to begin working with (or upgrade their own) standard operating procedures (SOPs), this is the article I shared. I hope it’s as valuable a resource for you as it was for them.

Having SOPs in your business is essential to . . . 

In this short guide, you’ll learn how to . . . 


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